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Choosing the perfect blue paint for your bedroom can create a calm and inviting atmosphere. Blue is known for its soothing qualities, making it a great choice for a room where you relax and unwind. From light sky blues to deep navy shades, there’s a blue paint color that will suit every style and preference.

In this blog post, we’ll explore seven amazing blue paint colors that can transform your bedroom into a peaceful retreat. With the right shade, you can create a space that feels both elegant and cozy. Whether you prefer a soft, airy blue or a rich, dramatic hue, you’ll find inspiration to update your bedroom.

Each shade has its unique charm and can set a different mood for your room. By the end of this article, you’ll have several stunning blue options to consider for your next bedroom makeover.

1. Sky Blue (Morning Sky Blue is my top choice)

Sky blue is a popular color for bedroom walls. It’s a light and calming shade that makes rooms feel larger.

Benefits of Sky Blue

  • Calming Effect: Sky blue can help to reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed.
  • Brightness: Reflects light well, making your room feel airy and bright.
  • Versatility: Pairs well with many colors.

Best Combinations with Sky Blue

  • White: For a clean and fresh look.
  • Gray: Adds sophistication.
  • Yellow: Creates a cheery and lively atmosphere.

Examples of Use

  1. Walls: Paint all four walls sky blue to make the room feel open.
  2. Accent Wall: Use sky blue on one wall to create a focal point.
  3. Furniture: Incorporate sky blue furniture or decor items.

Other Choices From Popular Brands

BrandColor NameCode
BehrRain Dance540E-3
Sherwin-WilliamsTop SailSW 6217
Benjamin MooreClear Skies2054-70

Sky blue is a versatile and soothing choice for anyone looking to refresh their bedroom.

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2. Ice Blue

Ice Blue is a calming and soothing color that works well in bedrooms. This light blue shade brings a sense of calm to any space.

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Even during the hottest days, Ice Blue helps create a cool and relaxing atmosphere. It’s perfect for making a room feel more spacious.

What to Pair with Ice Blue

  • White trim: Clean and classic, white trim highlights the soft blue tones.
  • Natural wood furniture: Provides a warm contrast.
  • Silver or chrome accents: Add a modern touch without overwhelming the space.

Mood and Feel

This color promotes peace and tranquility. It’s great for creating a restful environment where you can relax after a long day.

Lighting Tips

  • Natural light: Enhances the brightness of Ice Blue and keeps it feeling fresh.
  • Soft, warm lighting: Maintains the cozy atmosphere. Perfect for evenings.

Other Options From Popular Brands

BrandPaint Name
Sherwin-WilliamsSleepy Blue
BehrWhite Lagoon
Benjamin MoorePalladian Blue

Consider Ice Blue for your next bedroom makeover to achieve a peaceful and stylish retreat.

Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue inspires a sense of calm and tranquility. It’s a perfect color for creating a restful bedroom.


  • Promotes relaxation
  • Brightens the room

Pairing Suggestions:

  • White Trim: makes the room feel airy
  • Natural Wood: adds warmth

Aqua Blue looks great with soft textiles like linen and cotton. Consider adding throw pillows or curtains in complementary shades.


Denim is a rich, deep blue that adds a sophisticated touch to any bedroom. It’s a timeless shade that evokes feelings of calm and comfort.


  • Color Family: Blue
  • Tone: Medium to dark
  • Mood: Relaxing, grounded


  1. Versatile: Pairs well with a variety of accent colors like white, gray, and beige.
  2. Cozy: Creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.
  3. Timeless: Never goes out of style.

Style Tips:

  • Furniture: Light-colored furniture stands out beautifully against denim walls.
  • Accents: Metallic accents, such as gold or silver, add a touch of elegance.
  • Textiles: Soft fabrics like cotton or wool complement the richness of denim.

Denim is perfect for creating a serene and stylish bedroom environment.

Iced Slate Blue

Iced Slate Blue is a wonderful choice for bedrooms. This color has a soft, calming effect that can make your space feel peaceful.

The hue balances nicely between blue and gray, giving it a sophisticated touch. It’s perfect for creating a serene atmosphere in your room.

You can find Slate Blue in various shades. Some lean more towards blue, while others have a hint of gray.

Benefits of Using Slate Blue:

  1. Calming: Helps in creating a tranquil environment.
  2. Versatile: Complements various decor styles and furniture colors.
  3. Timeless: This color won’t easily go out of style.
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Tips for Decorating with Slate Blue:

  • Pair Slate Blue walls with white or cream furniture to brighten the space.
  • Add silver or metallic accents for a modern look.
  • Use soft lighting to enhance its calming effect.


  • Lighting: Natural light can make Slate Blue appear lighter, while dim lighting can make it look deeper.
  • Room Size: Works well in any room size, but can make a small room feel cozier.

Try testing a few samples on your walls to see how they look in different lighting throughout the day. Slate Blue can truly transform your bedroom into a relaxing retreat.

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Fantasy Blue

Fantasy Blue is a great choice for a bedroom. This color offers a soft, calming effect that helps you relax.

Fantasy Blue works well with white and grey. Add white furniture or grey bedding to complete the look.

This shade of blue is also versatile. It pairs nicely with wooden furniture. Imagine a wooden bed frame with Fantasy Blue walls. It’s a pleasing combination.

If you like a touch of color, you can add accent items. Think about yellow pillows or a green rug.

Another benefit is that Fantasy Blue looks good in both natural and artificial light. During the day, it feels bright and airy. At night, it becomes cozy and warm.

Use Fantasy Blue paint to create a serene bedroom that you’ll love.

Windy Blue

Windy Blue is a light and airy blue shade. This color is perfect for creating a calm and soothing bedroom atmosphere.

You might appreciate how this color mimics a clear sky on a breezy day. It’s light enough to make your room feel more spacious and inviting.


  • Color Code: SW 6240
  • Finish: Matte or satin, depending on the brand
  • Works Well With: White, grey, and other neutral tones


  • Calm Ambiance: Ideal for relaxation and sleep
  • Versatility: Pairs well with various decor styles
  • Brightness: Enhances natural light in the room

Tip: Try combining Windy Blue with white trim or furniture to highlight its cool tones. This can give your bedroom a crisp, clean look.

When selecting accessories, consider adding soft greys or pale yellows. These colors can enhance the peaceful feeling Windy Blue provides.

Popular Brands: Look for this shade in well-known paint brands like Sherwin-Williams and Behr.

Adding Windy Blue to your bedroom can transform it into a serene retreat. This shade’s light, breezy feel makes it an excellent choice for a restful and inviting space.

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