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In this article, you will learn about Cloud White and Linen White colors including a side-by-side comparison. If you are considering either of these colors, the following information will help you make the right decision.

cloud white and linen white colors wall art

Whether you’re looking for a simple white for all the walls in your home or in need of a soft white trim color, both Cloud White and Linen White could work.

The amount of sunlight your space gets will impact both of these colors, especially if you want either of these colors on the walls.

Cloud White

Cloud White from Benjamin Moore is a beautifully balanced shade of warm white. When reviewing the numbers, you’ll note that there are only 7 points between red and green, which means the warmth of this color is rather muted.

cloud white color wall art

You’ll also find that there are fewer than 20 points between red and blue, which means that this color will stay warm rather than going yellow.

The small gap in the numbers overall means that this color is muted. You will have to push this color with unbalanced shades to get it to read yellow.

If you love accent walls, this shade will work with almost any color as long as it’s fairly smoky. Royal blue and cherry red will likely not be kind to this color.

Van Courtland Blue, Golden Bark, and French Press will all be amazing against this shade. Have some fun with this!

This color will go chalky. Do make sure to prep your walls so they are as smooth as you can make them before you prime and paint.

Take your time and be prepared to spend more of it cleaning, prepping, and priming rather than painting.

cloud white color infographic

If you rush and paint over a poorly finished patch, you will either be forced to hang a picture over it or re-do it.

Because this color is warm, the shade effect will likely be mild; if you have textured walls, a flat or eggshell finish in this color will work well.

If you plan to create a built-in bookcase or display case with this wall color at the back, you can add lighting to show off your treasures but you won’t need to use especially bright lights.

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Cloud White will bounce light around these cubes nicely.

This color will stay off-white if you choose to pair it with a cool color, such as a pair of lined or sun-blocking drapes in blue. White shades or sheers may be visually jarring against this color.

Consider instead using an ivory sheer or a lace panel to filter the light that enters your home.

Cloud White is warm enough to look wonderful with most wood finishes. If you love the intense variations of hickory, consider putting this on the walls to avoid too much visual contrast.

You can also put this color to wonderful use when updating cabinetry; if you want something light up high, paint doors and cabinet surrounds up top in this color and do the lower cabinets in Kennebunkport Green to anchor the space.

RGB: 243, 238, 225
Hex Code: #F3EEE1

cloud white wall art above a desk

Linen White

If you want a warmer white for walls and trim, Benjamin Moore’s Linen White may be exactly what you need.

linen white color wall art under lights

This is a very warm white and will be inclined to read yellow if you rub up against it with cool colors. However, you can use this to your benefit.

For example, you may love the idea of a pale yellow cottage color on the exterior of your home. This color will go more yellow in sunlight and you can intensify that by adding bright white trim and navy blue shutters.

If lemon yellow siding doesn’t appeal because it’s too jarring, this shade may be ideal.

Unlike Cloud White, it will not take much of a nudge to get this creamy shade to go yellow inside your home. You can use this to wonderful effect in children’s rooms.

A bright green play rug, purple bedspread, or bright blue wall poster will send this color straight into the yellow zone.

If you love saturated shades on the walls of your home, this can be a wonderful shade for your trim and cabinetry.

However, you should be prepared for this color to read yellow at certain points during the day. The reason is the large gap between red and blue when we look at the numbers.

That 26-point gap means that this color is going to stay warm no matter what colors you put against it. If you push this shade with cool colors or unbalanced shades, it will go yellow.

linen white color infographic

For those who love wooden flooring, consider pairing this with red-finished woods. New cherry flooring planks and old red oak finishes will both work with this.

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Terra cotta tiles will work beautifully against this color and it will maintain a lovely shade of cream. Yellow maple and oak will draw out the yellow tint in this blend.

Consider also pairing this with muted pastel shades. Avoid “sherbert” or bright pastels; for example, cyan and baby pink will bring out the yellow.

Blended shades such as Coral Dust, Violet Mist, and Antique Jade can be beautiful against this warm creamy color.

The challenge of using colors that are almost white is that we tend to think of “white” as a consistent, universal color.

However, if you’ve ever watched the light change over a stretch of snow, you know that white can actually be quite complex. When we start adding other tints to white, the colors can become extremely varied.

cloud white vs linen white pinterest infographic

The amount of light your home gets and the time of day you will be using the space should also be considered.

If you love a particular color sample on a bright Tuesday afternoon but will really only be using the room after dark, study the space after dark before you choose your color.

You may find that your chosen shade of off-white doesn’t work as well with your furniture as you expected. Change your light bulbs to alter the color of light that is bouncing around the space.

If you’re using a cool blue LED, your cream walls may be yellowing more than you intend. A warm light bulb in a table lamp can radically change the look.

RGB: 243, 234, 217
Hex Code: #F3EAD9

linen white wall art above a desk

Cream and off-white colors can offer home decorators a great deal of variety and flexibility. If you’re decorating for multiple ages, try Linen White for the variety.

If you’re rehabbing a home room by room and need a bit of flexibility, Cloud White is a great choice for a basic wall and trim color.

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