9 Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood

In this article, I will show you my favorite paint colors that go with cherry wood. If you have cherry wood finishes and looking for a specific paint color to match, any of the following colors are perfect options.

  1. Guacamole
  2. Pear Green
  3. Del Ray Peach
  4. Spring Sky
  5. Powell Gray
  6. Tantalizing Teal
  7. Dreamy White
  8. Vital Yellow
  9. Loyal Blue
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Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood

Cherry wood and cherry wood finishes tend to be both dark and warm. If you’ve recently had cherry wood plank or luxury vinyl plank put down in your home, you may find that your wall colors now appear too bright, too dull, muddy or just wrong with your new flooring.

It’s a good time to consider complementary colors. When you look at a color wheel, the opposite of red is green; they are complementary colors because both are enhanced by the contrast.

Because cherry wood is so warm, red is a good base color to build from as you design your new color palette.

By using paint shades based on the opposite side of the color wheel, you can brighten your walls while enhancing the warm glow of your new cherry wood floor, trim or cabinets.

holding a color wheel

Opposing colors tend to be eye-catching and of very strong contrast. For example, the opposite of yellow is purple and the opposite of blue is orange.

Both of these combinations can be found on sports team logos and uniforms. The paint options below will give you the chance for more subtle combinations.

Living room in new construction home with cherry wood flooring

1) Guacamole

Cherry wood provides a warm glow and is an ideal base for strong colors. Guacamole from Benjamin Moore is a rich, intense green that would be a terrific choice for an elegant entryway, a family room or even a bedroom.

Make no mistake, this green will hold color against a rich and warm cherry wood finish. Do take care what you put on walls painted in this color.

Make sure the framing and matting on artwork you want to pair with this color are warm, similar to the cherry.

If you push this color with cool hues, such as bright white frames or blue matting, areas of this green may appear a bit muddy.

RGB: 114 111 56
Hex Code: #726F38

guacamole paint color with cherry wood background

2) Pear Green

Benjamin Moore’s Pear Green is a bright, energizing color that will add sizzle to rooms that suddenly seem a lot darker.

If you’re changing out all the flooring in your home or renovating a kitchen, you may be surprised that your new cherry wood additions create a cave-like feel in some spaces.

Adding Pear Green will certainly amp up the energy. Keep other color choices simple.

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For example, if you put this color on the walls of an office, avoid adding blonde wood or white furniture to the space. Stick with warm wood tones that are a bit darker.

Even if you can’t match the cherry, the Pear Green will work well with warm wood finishes.

RGB: 195, 209, 111
Hex Code: #C3D16F

pear green paint color with cherry wood background

3) Del Ray Peach

As a big fan of the cottage style, I have to rave a bit about Del Ray Peach from Benjamin Moore. This is not a standard chirpy peach, reserved for nurseries and playrooms.

There’s a little smoke in this color. It’s light enough that you can put it on your ceilings as well as your walls. It will bring out the warm glow of your cherry wood without pushing the color into the brown zone.

Finally, this peach will be a lovely foil for your green plants, other wood tones and any furniture upholstered in warm fabrics.

If you have a room that doesn’t get a lot of daylight, put this on the walls to brighten things up.

RGB: 242, 192, 166
Hex Code: #F2C0A6

del ray peach paint color with cherry wood background

4) Spring Sky

Spring Sky from Benjamin Moore is another pastel that has a lot of personality. While Del Ray Peach will warm up a dim room, Spring Sky will cool a warm space and make your cherry furniture, flooring and cabinetry shine.

This color will also pair beautifully with ivory tones. If you’re a big fan of plain canvas drapes, put Spring Sky on your walls and hang your ivory drapes from rubbed bronze hardware.

While this color is on the cool side, it will be a beautiful foil for warm woods and metals.

RGB: 186, 213, 209
Hex Code: #BAD5D1

spring sky paint color with cherry wood background

5) Powell Gray

If there was ever a good reason to create a large sample, it’s for Powell Gray from Benjamin Moore. This is an elegant shade that would be gorgeous against cherry wood in a formal dining room.

You could also use this color on an accent wall behind warm cherry shelving.

It should be noted that Powell Gray will not be pushed around. It’s on the cool side and will maintain that no matter what you put against it.

If your floors are cherry and your furnishings are rust suede or brown leather, Powell Gray will stand up against them and create a striking visual contrast.

However, this color is dark enough that it will be challenging to cover should you change your mind.

Paint a large sample and study it against your warm wood tones in balanced lighting to make sure the color will suit your space.

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RGB: 90, 101, 108
Hex Code: #5A656C

powell gray paint color with cherry wood background

6) Tantalizing Teal

If you love cheery, bright colors, Tantalizing Teal from Sherwin-Williams is a great choice. Not only will this color energize your space, but it will give all nearby cherry wood a boost.

Consider this color a cup of coffee for your color palette. It would be wonderful in a kitchen next to your new cherry cabinets. It would also be a great choice for an office.

Avoid using it in the bedroom if you need a dark sleeping space.

RGB: 133, 220, 205
Hex Code: #85DCCD

tantalizing teal paint color with cherry wood background

7) Dreamy White

If you’ve recently changed out your flooring, trim or cabinets for warm cherry tones, it may be a good idea to paint the whole house in something simple until you’re ready for bolder decorating choices.

Dreamy White from Sherwin-Williams is a terrific choice for those who like to study the light in their space.

By the numbers, this color leans slightly to the warm side. The best feature of this color is that there’s enough green to give it a slightly sooty or smoky quality. It’s not just a basic beige.

Your new cherry wood pieces will glow against this calming neutral.

RGB: 228, 217, 213
Hex Code: #E4D9D5

dreamy white paint color with cherry wood background

8) Vital Yellow

Yellow generally adds a lot of energy to a space. It can also warm things up a bit too much. However, Vital Yellow from Sherwin-Williams offers a great deal of visual rest for such a warm shade.

If your walls are heavily textured, consider putting Vital Yellow on them. This is a color that serves texture well; in direct light, it offers a lot of warm energy.

In shadow it fades to a pleasant but quiet beige. If you want a neutral but need a bit more pop than Dreamy White, Vital Yellow is a great option.

RGB: 240, 226, 197
Hex Code: #F0E2C5

vital yellow paint color with cherry wood background

9) Loyal Blue

There’s nothing warm or quiet about Loyal Blue from Sherwin-Williams. For those who love accent colors, this one is ideal.

By the numbers, this color offers next to no warmth and quite a bit of green. If you love the idea of a strong accent wall, carefully consider how you will light the space and what you will put on your accent wall. Don’t confuse the issue by using bright white tones.

Stick with warm woods and warm or dark metals. Copper, brass and rubbed bronze would all be an excellent option against this blue. This color will also stand up to warm lighting.

RGB: 1, 69, 94
Hex Code: #01455E

loyal blue paint color with cherry wood background

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