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Thanks to the trend toward minimalism, basic paint colors like black and white have actually gotten quite complex.

Whether you’re looking to paint an accent wall or want to make your bedroom extremely dark, the options for black paint are quite extensive and pretty confusing.

Do make sure that you purchase plenty of paint. It will take at least 2 coats to cover your current walls. Consider priming first and patch with great care.

All of the colors listed below throw deep shadows and any dings or scars on your walls will be easy to spot.

Also, keep reading to learn how to get these exact colors as samples in the form of peel-and-stick with real paint!

1) Tricorn Black

Tricorn Black is a beautifully balanced shade with a lot to offer. This velvety color will be easy to put to work in almost any decor.

Pair this black with cool variants as well as primary colors. Royal blue would work well, as would cherry red and a vibrant purple.

However, Tricorn black would also be a great backdrop for teal, burgundy, or a smoky violet. Be careful when pairing this color with yellow.

Unless you really like a hot pop of marigold against your black background, a muted mustard may be more effective.

Be careful when pairing black with gray. Many of the gray tones used in the world of flooring and upholstery fabric contain a great deal of blue.

If you pair a blue gray with a balanced or a yellow-based black, the gray will lose out to the blue in the color blend. As ever, use a large paint sample before you commit.

RGB: 47, 47, 48
Hex Code: #2F2F30

tricorn black paint color wall art under lights

Black Paint Color Samples

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Samplize Peel and Stick Paint Samples

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2) Caviar

Fans of textured paint will love working with Caviar. This is another nicely balanced black, but it is on the cool side. If you’ve been thinking about a painting project that includes sand, or if your walls have a knock-down texture, this color will be a great addition.

Go ahead and use this cool base as a wonderful way to warm up accessories in your home. Brass in all tones will look terrific against this color.

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Cherry flooring and warm maple picture frames, as well as antique red oak finishes, will glow against a wall painted in Caviar.

If you’re feeling adventurous, pair this color with energetic pastels. Mint green, sky blue, lilac and rose will all stand out beautifully against this shade.

This color is quite stable and will be a wonderful foil for your paler fabrics and furniture.

RGB: 49, 48, 49
Hex Code: #313031

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Peel-and-Stick Paint Sample – Caviar (6990) – Sherwin-Williams

caviar black paint color wall art under lights

3) Black Magic

Many shades of black tend to tilt towards cool or warm. Black Magic tilts warm. Light this color carefully and use yellow sources when possible.

For fans of mid-century modern furniture and blonde finishes, Black Magic is a terrific accent wall color. It’s also a wonderful backdrop for minimalistic decorative styling.

Black on your walls gives you a lot of creative options for bouncing light around. A mirror with a brass frame would look terrific against this color. Lightly stained furniture, polished to a glow or topped with glass, can also serve as a low, indirect light source.

Warm metals, such as copper, would look amazing against this wall color. If you’ve been thinking about painting your kitchen black and you’re ready to hang your copper pots, this is your shade.

RGB: 50, 49, 50
Hex Code: #323132

Get Black Magic 100% accuracy real paint sample here.

Peel-and-Stick Paint Sample – Black Magic (6991) – Sherwin-Williams

black magic paint color wall art under lights

4) Inkwell

Inkwell doesn’t just tilt towards cool; it plants both feet and holds on, offering a gorgeous blue black that can offer you a lot of decorating options.

If you like stark decorative choices and love working with a clean white trim color, Inkwell is a great choice for your walls.

This color would be an excellent backdrop for white cabinets, shelving and furniture. This would also be a terrific foil for any charcoal gray pieces or rugs you may have.

It is critical that you paint yourself a large sample of any strong color before you put it on your walls. Go ahead and get yourself a 3 x 3 canvas and a quart of your dream color.

Put at least 2 coats of paint on your canvas and let it dry completely before putting the canvas on the floor, against the wall and beside your largest pieces of furniture.

RGB: 49, 54, 58
Hex Code: #31363A

Get Inkwell 100% accuracy real paint sample here.

Peel-and-Stick Paint Sample – Inkwell (6992) – Sherwin-Williams
inkwell black paint color wall art under lights

5) Black of Night

Black of Night is a sneaky color with a lot more personality than you originally might think. By the numbers, this color is actually an extremely deep green.

Fans of houseplants need this color. So do those who love green tones, from an olive suede armchair to a deep hunter green sofa. Because there is so much green in this color, it will also pair beautifully with red, orange and coral.

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If you’re ready to play with sheens, this color may be a wonderful choice. Be aware that any errors you make will be extremely visible! If you want to put up take and create your own silk-striped wallpaper finish, this paint will be extremely effective.

Just take your time and make sure that bottom layer has cured completely.

RGB: 50, 54, 57
Hex Code: #323639

Get Black Of Night 100% accuracy real paint sample here.

Peel-and-Stick Paint Sample – Black of Night (6993) – Sherwin-Williams
black of night paint color wall art under lights

6) Greenblack

Even by looking at the name, you will know that Greenblack is not sneaky. Fans of eclectic decorating who want an accent wall would do well to use Greenblack.

In essence, this color is cool. Because it leans green, it’s also flexible. Go ahead and load your space up with all your favorite strong colors. Red, coral, rust, and wine will all look terrific against this shade.

The boldest colors of autumn leaves will shine against Greenblack. Be aware that pastels may fade against this color. Go ahead and bring out all of your brightest stuff to pair with this shade.

Natural fibers will also work very well with this shade. Sisal rugs, bamboo flooring and undyed canvas or muslin will all work extremely well against this color.

RGB: 55, 55, 58
Hex Code: #373A3A

Get Greenblack 100% accuracy real paint sample here.

Peel-and-Stick Paint Sample – Greenblack (6994) – Sherwin-Williams
greenblack paint color wall art under lights

7) Iron Ore

Iron Ore is a gorgeous red-toned black that will work well with all your warm tones. It would also be a terrific trim color of the exterior of your home, especially if your siding is on the tan or beige spectrum.

Iron Ore is a terrific backdrop for nearly any wood tone. If you have golden oak cabinets that are looking a bit dated, put Iron Ore on the walls to bring them back to life.

Fans of rubbed bronze will love how this shade helps their favorite metal stand out.

Keep your upholstery fabrics and accessories warm. Medium-toned upholstery fabrics, such as a butterscotch vinyl sofa, will look new when you put Iron Ore on your walls.

Medium-toned grays will also work very well with this color, but try not to pair this shade with blue grays such as charcoal.

Finally, try this color against greens. This shade of black will lean red if you push it. Muted greens, such as a dark olive, could create a great deal of visual interest in your space.

RGB: 67, 67, 65
Hex Code: #434341

Get Iron Ore 100% accuracy real paint sample here.

Peel-and-Stick Paint Sample – Iron Ore (7069) – Sherwin-Williams
iron ore black paint color art work under lights

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