Best Garage Door Colors For A Red Brick House

If you have a red brick house, choosing a color for your garage door can be difficult. This article will discuss three of the best garage door colors for a red brick house.

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From the street, a red brick house has a certain neutrality to the eye. Bricks are always variegated, and the mortar generally adds a touch of greige to the mix.

Because a red brick wall is a solid visual field, it can be tempting to think of it as a neutral starting place. However, red brick is actually a very warm color that overwhelms the narrow bands of mortar.

This intense visual field means that your garage door color needs to be bold.

Best Garage Door Colors For A Red Brick House

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Add a Splash of Lush, Cool Blue: Downpour Blue

To cool down a warm red brick visual field, try a garage door of Downpour Blue. In full sun, this blue is bold. As evening comes on, this color takes on a muted navy tone.

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Because a garage door is such a large visual field against a red brick wall, using a rich blue tone will create quite a contrast.

While a white garage door creates a contrast of bright against dark, a blue garage door will create a contrast between warm brick tones and the field of deep blue.

Even if you painted your garage door to perfectly match one of the brick tones on your house, the lack of grout lines on your garage door will create a visual contrast. Since the contrast is unavoidable, why not use a color that you love?

Do be very careful when choosing your sheen. Unless your garage door is new or in remarkably good shape, every crack and crevice will reflect light if you go with a gloss or semi-gloss paint.

If your garage door is metal and you’ve never painted metal, hire someone. The wrong paint formulation paired with the improper application means that paint will come off in stretchy sheets of color. These failures never happen during nice weather.

RGB: 29, 75, 103
Hex Code: #1D4B67

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Enrich Your Garage Door With Green: Ocean Tropic

There are many greens that work well with red brick, from sage to olive. However, the clean green of Ocean Tropic is also worth a look. This is green with a lot of blue and will make your red bricks really pop, creating a great deal of visual interest.

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Of course, color choice is always a matter of taste. I like jewel tones; a rich, saturated color that stands on its own is always visually interesting to me.

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I also love to work with colors that are beautiful on their own when pairing them with things that I can’t change.

A red brick house is a visually interesting field, but as someone who is a bit fanatical about color, it’s rather uncontrollable.

Each brick looks a little different in the morning light, many bricks are not a consistent color across the face, and the grout color changes all day long.

Ocean Tropic is not just a trim color. Against the varied visual field of a red brick house, this color is bold and strong. It will also stand up against other colors; for example, if your want to add a wrought iron feature as a gate, the black will show up beautifully against this green.

Put it on your front door and add a wreath of white poinsettias for December, yellow daffodils for April, pink roses for summer, and red carnations for fall.

In a world of olive and sage, Ocean Tropic can make your red brick home stand out. Because this green has very little red in it, it will not grey as the sun goes down; it will simply read a darker green.

If you have exterior lighting mounted on your home, try to use a warm or yellow light; this will not only make the green look good, but it will warm up your red bricks and keep the house looking nice and cozy.

There is an inherent elegance to red brick. It signifies something sturdy and stable. Most any trim color will enhance this as long as you choose something with enough saturation to stand on its own.

RGB: 29, 79, 67
Hex Code: #1D4F43

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Create an Elegant Entry with Grey: Black Horizon

Unlike the blue and green above, Black Horizon is a well-balanced color. There is just a 10-point gap between red and blue, making this color an ideal choice for a garage door redo that won’t be too bold.

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That being said, this luscious grey color is slightly to the cool side. If you’ve been thinking about cleaning your brick home, do so and let the grout dry completely before using this color. If you find that your mortar goes yellow after cleaning, grey may not be your best choice.

black horizon box color with paint cans

If you have to have your brick home tuck-pointed, you may be dealing with many colors of mortar.

Time will settle down this visual variety, but cleaning the brick façade can provide a

Do check with your mason about how long to wait after the new mortar is added before you clean the whole house.

Don’t try to avoid this concern by adding a pale color on your garage door unless you’re going with a clean, bright white. Pale colors will not stand up to the rich color present in a red brick façade.

Black Horizon is a color that looks good in most any sheen. You will want to carefully check the condition of your garage door before you add anything with a gloss.

Because garage doors can take a lot of weather abuse, consider pairing a tinted primer with a semi-gloss or glossy topcoat. The more gloss in a paint formulation, the more binder there is and the less pigment.

downpour blue, ocean tropic, black horizon paint brush colors

A solid coating of primer can give you an excellent base over which to apply a glossier topcoat; even if you have some gaps, the door will still be a consistent color.

Do invest in good brushes for that topcoat, especially if your garage door is paneled. Cheap brushes leave individual hairs in the finish.

Additionally, since you probably can’t pull the door panels and paint them flat, quality brushes will hold paint and reduce the risk of drips down your newly painted door.

Painting a garage door can be a good DIY project if the door is in good shape. Start early on a day with no expected rain and give your primer plenty of time to dry.

RGB: 68,73, 78
Hex Code: #44494E

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