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Yorkies, formally known as Yorkshire Terriers, are some of the most sought-after dogs because of their adorable appearances, size, and temperaments.

If you are considering adopting a Yorkie, you will need to choose between male or female. Are there any significant differences between the two genders?

Unfortunately, many people pass on myths about Yorkies and the differences in genders, not realizing the information they are sharing is false.

We are here to set the record straight and help you understand the true differences.

male and female Yorkies

Are There Differences in Personality?

People tend to generally think females are sweeter than males, but this is not always accurate with every breed. When it comes to Yorkies, it is especially untrue.

Male and female Yorkies are both extremely affectionate, which is why they are often referred to as lap dogs. Both genders of Yorkies love getting attention from their owners and will seek it constantly.

These dogs are very clingy, whether male or female.

You will see some personality differences due to hormonal changes during the female’s cycle. Females become a little moodier while in heat, and males may become a little more aggressive.

These unwanted behaviors can be curbed with spaying and neutering.

Yorkie laying on its back wearing a bowtie

Differences in Territorial Behaviors

Every dog has some tendency to be territorial, but some are more so than others. Female Yorkies can be slightly more territorial than males, especially when in heat.

Both genders can be a little pushy and will work to get what they want. If the Yorkie becomes overly aggressive, these behaviors can often be curbed by spaying or neutering and properly training the dog.

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How Do the Genders Handle Other Pets?

If you are considering bringing a male or female Yorkie into your home with other pets, you probably want to know how each gender behaves around other dogs and cats.

Is one gender more willing to accept other animals than the other?

Both males and females get along well with cats, a fact that often surprises people who are unfamiliar with Yorkies and how they behave.

yorkie and cat on a pillow

When it comes to other dogs, there are some considerations.

Unless two dogs grow up together, it is best to avoid bringing the same gender into a home. Two males and two females may compete with one another, leading to fights and other problems.

If you decide to bring the same gender into the home, make sure both dogs are spayed or neutered and work with them gradually, to build a healthy relationship with one another.

woman with a Yorkie and Doberman dog

Are There Differences in Grooming Needs?

There are no differences in grooming male or female Yorkies. The costs of grooming should be the same, whether you have a male or female Yorkie.

These dogs do require consistent grooming to keep a healthy and beautiful coat.

Yorkie getting groomed

What About Weight Differences Between Male and Female Yorkies?

There are very few weight and size differences between male and female Yorkies. Both are very small dogs and typically weigh between 3 to 7 pounds. You can expect them both to stay around the same size.

Eating Habit Differences Between Male and Female Yorkies

If you are wondering which gender will eat more food, the answer is that they are the same. Yorkies do not eat a lot of food. These tiny dogs only consume 1/2 cup of food daily.

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No matter which gender you choose, your dog food bill should not be extravagant.

Are Male or Female Yorkies Healthier?

When selecting a dog breed, many people wonder about the health issues they may face. Yorkies can suffer from conditions like hypoglycemia, retinal dysplasia, and pancreatitis.

You will need to make sure your dog gets a yearly checkup to keep his or her health in check. There are no gender-specific health issues to concern yourself over.

The main difference will be that the cost of spaying is slightly more than neutering because the surgical procedure for females is a little more involved than that for males.

Do Male and Female Yorkies Have Different Appearances?

There are no major appearance differences between the two genders. You will notice that female Yorkies are slightly shorter than their male counterparts, at about one to two inches.

The coat and facial features are the same for both males and females. Owners tend to ensure their dogs are distinguished by dressing them in adorable clothing made for dogs.

Female Yorkies tend to have bows in their hair to make them look more feminine.

Female Yorkie with bow on the head

Which Is Right For You?

Yorkies are absolutely adorable dogs. They are affectionate and love getting attention from their owners. Overall, there are very few differences between males and females.

When deciding, your choice should be based on personal preference and not on myths perpetuated by those people who are uneducated on the subject of Yorkies.

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