Pros And Cons Of Living in Frisco, TX

Frisco, Texas is one of the cities in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. It’s straight north of Dallas and between Denton and McKinney.

Living in Frisco gives you plenty of options for entertainment, dining, and family fun.

clock in Frisco, TX

Key takeaways

Pros of life in Frisco

  • great schools
  • excellent restaurants
  • family atmosphere

Cons of life in Frisco

  • more expensive than other Dallas suburbs
  • traffic…
  • slightly boring shopping
Park in Frisco, TX
Park in Frisco, TX


Pros: Summers are long and hot in Texas; adding a pool to your home may greatly increase your comfort. Additionally, the long spring and fall will give you more chances to enjoy time outside. If you garden, you can actually overwinter some plants.

Do your best to apply some smart landscaping choices. Choose a lawn that requires little to no water. Use soaker hoses and install timers to allow you to protect your plants before the blazing heat of summer does them harm.

If you’re interested in going a bit greener, Frisco can be a great place to use solar for at least part of your electrical needs. Whether you want to install a whole house battery or tie into the grid, there will probably be days when your electrical meter spins backwards!

Cons: Winter in Texas can be dangerous. The risk of sleet, freezing rain, and snow is slight, but the high concentration of cars on the road can lead to serious hazards on the coldest days.

If you aren’t comfortable driving in snow, consider finding a lower, slower route to work. Find out which streets in your neighborhood are the first to be plowed and plan your commute accordingly.

Even better, consider arranging your home office so you can telecommute.

Clouds above Frisco, TX
Clouds above Frisco, TX


Pros: The Dallas/Fort Worth metro area offers many beltways that will loop you around the city effectively. You will need to plan your driving time appropriately if at all possible, to avoid the crush.

If possible, consider changing up your working hours so you can be on the freeways after the evening rush.

Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX

Cons: Let’s be honest, traffic in this part of the world can be crazy. Do your best to invest in a reliable vehicle and keep it very well maintained so you have options should you need to brake hard or swerve to avoid a wreck.

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If you can possibly take the train from a central lot, do so. You may also be able to get further, faster, in the carpool lane.

Having planned a drive through Dallas at 5 a.m. because I thought the traffic would be simpler and safer, I can confirm that these roads are always busy.

If you’re on the road during regular commuting time, you’ll be out there with lots of cars. If you try to drive this region in the middle of the night, you’ll be in the company of RVs and big rigs. Take your time.

Travel Options

Pros: One of the best things about life in Frisco may be access to the Dallas International Airport. From here, you can make connections around the world. There are also several international flights that fly direct from Dallas to Rome and other international points.

Dallas airport
Dallas airport

There’s also an Amtrak station in Dallas for those interested in leisurely, nationwide train travel. If you prefer the bus, you can grab a Greyhound almost anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area.

Cons: It’s almost impossible to live in Texas without a car. While there is the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) train, it’s generally a park-and-ride setup.

If you don’t care about owning or maintaining a car, this may not be the metro for you. Frisco does offer some public transportation, but getting around by bus in this city will take a great deal of time.

You may be able to save some on fuel by using a motorcycle. However, the risk of a serious injury in a traffic accident would be increased if you use a motorcycle as your daily driver.


Pros: Frisco is loaded with Tex-Mex options, many of them chains. Several of these restaurants are very family friendly and offer a hearty meal at a decent price. With a bit of planning, you may be able to find a free meal for your children each night of the week!

Cons: If you want a fine meal in a quiet, candle-lit location, Frisco may not be an ideal place to make a reservation. The exception here is seafood; Frisco does offer some great seafood options at a higher price point.

Tex-Mex tacos
Tex-Mex tacos


Pros: Within the city of Frisco you can find plenty of grocery stores and large department stores. There’s a Fresh Market, as well as many boutiques and galleries.

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Do be aware that there are many basic items, such as groceries and household needs, that will cost a bit more in Frisco than in other cities in Texas outside the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Cons: If you want to shop at Trader Joe’s or Ikea, you will have to cross over into another city to get there. However, there may be more options in nearby McKinney.

Since you may be able to include McKinney in your commute, this may not be a serious issue. It may also be quite a drive to find high-end shopping.


Pros: Texas has no state income tax and no estate tax. If your plan is to build a great deal of wealth and pass it on to your children, this could be an ideal place for you to retire to. There is also no penalty for bumping up your income should you plan to pick up a second job or a side hustle.

Cons: Texas does have sales tax on nearly all purchases, but some groceries are exempt. One of the big challenges in Texas to keeping your cost of living low is that cities and jurisdictions can add taxes on top of this sales tax.

It may make more sense to shop outside the city of Frisco if you need to keep your costs extremely low.


Pros: In Frisco, your winter focus may be on the Dallas Cowboys. There are also indoor and outdoor water parks in the area; no matter how hot or cold it gets, you can find a fun spot for your family!

Cons: It may be a struggle to find free, fun things to do with your family in the Dallas metro area. There are many parks, but the summer heat may push you indoors. There are children’s museums, but they are seldom free and include a drive into downtown Dallas.

park in Frisco, TX
Park in Frisco, TX

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