Orange vs Tangerine Color

Warm colors such as orange and tangerine offer a wonderful way to brighten a space. This article will compare orange and tangerine colors allowing you to see the side-by-side difference and decide if either one of these colors will work for you.

orange vs tangerine paint colors infographic

Orange vs Tangerine Paint Colors

Both of these colors tend to be “hot” shades. They offer great contrast for many other colors and will bounce up hard against colors that include blue.

The purer the blue, such as royal, the more intense the contrast.

orange vs tangerine wall art above a sofa


The RGB code of orange shows us the intense contrast built into this color. There is twice as much red as green and no blue whatsoever. What does this mean in your decorating choices?

orange color wall art under lights

This color will pop against tones containing red, particularly muted reds like wine and rust.

Orange will look wonderful against green, and deeper greens will provide a better visual rest.

Visual rest is critical when decorating with strong colors. If your favorite bookcase or display shelf is bright orange, avoid using cyan or neon green against it. These colors will draw the eye to the point of distraction.

However, if your favorite display shelf if a deep cherry or rust, an orange accent piece of pottery will look terrific against that deeper red.

Bright, strong colors can be wonderful in small doses, but a decor made of nothing but colors that include a 0 anywhere in their RGB listing can be visually exhausting.

Orange is a popular tone in fall decor. Pumpkins and bright autumn leaves all remind us of the coming cold months. However, there’s no reason you can’t use orange in each season.

orange color infographic

Treat yourself to a bright white ceramic bowl and load it with big, juicy oranges to use as a centerpiece in your home. You can further intensify or highlight this color with a dark green or rust blue table runner.

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Orange is also thought to boost appetites. If you have a young family and struggle to get little ones to try new foods, orange placemats or plates could help them focus and try a bit harder to test out that interesting green veggie.

RGB: 255,164,0
HEX: #FFA400

orange color wall art above a desk


Tangerine is of a similar purity to orange in that it also contains no blue pigment. However, tangerine is a deeper shade that is more restful in the visual field because it is less reactive to the colors around it.

tangerine color wall art under lights

This is a color that will work well with almost any shade in the brown spectrum and may sparkle against a smoky purple and even some wine tones.

Like all fire colors, a little tangerine goes a long way. If you’re interested in putting tangerine on the exterior of your home, you may want to skip the paint and focus on fabric.

If you love the shades of fall and want them on your home, consider a pale green or sage on the exterior of your home and hang decorative garden banners that feature a hot pop of tangerine. Add a pot of mums to your porch to bring in some seasonal tangerine.

tangerine color infographic

For those who love the adobe style of the southwest, more tangerine against a terra cotta finish could be an exciting combination. Do your best to balance the bright tangerine with something that offers a friendly contrast; for example,

  • a deep green will fade against tangerine
  • aqua and teal will balance it
  • cerulean or royal blue will battle with fire colors

The more contrast you have in place, the more the eye will be drawn. Choose your battles carefully to avoid living in a space that is constantly in a color tussle.

RGB: 237,139,0
HEX: #ED8B00

tangerine color wall art above a desk

Ways to Use Fire Colors

It should be noted that any intense or fire color applied in a large swath, such as a long wall, will eventually grow muted to the eye simply because the eye is overwhelmed.

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However, these hot colors can help you put together a varied collection of your favorite belongings in a very unique way.

For example, you may long for more wall art but have a small budget. Go ahead and paint your accent wall in a strong or hot color you enjoy. You can now group your own photos, vintage advertisements, or pencil sketches on this wall.

Choose a unifying factor, such as black frames and white matting, to keep things as clean as possible. Lay out your chosen pieces in such a way that contrasting colors, specifically anything with a lot of blue in it, is grouped toward the middle of your collection.

From across the room, this will draw the viewer in to study the pieces on the periphery and work their way to the middle.

Another way to use fire colors is with fabric. If you want to use orange and tangerine as a background for specific pieces of art and don’t have permission to paint, go ahead and check out local fabric stores for shades of orange you can use to cover cork squares.

Paint plain canvas frames bright orange and then mount smaller pieces onto the canvas. Brighten beige or brown drapes with orange tiebacks, tassels, and other adornments to bring in your favorite pumpkin colors.

orange wall in livingroom

Change Your Mind?

You may be more excited about the idea of an orange wall than you are with the ultimate result. There’s nothing wrong with needing to repaint.

However, do make sure that you go ahead and prime over the orange with a dark gray primer before you add your topcoat. Fire colors, just like fire, will spread and be difficult to overcome.

orange vs tangerine wall art

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