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Both Wythe Blue and Woodlawn Blue from Benjamin Moore offer home decorators a wonderful shade of green-gray with enough blue to serve as a foil for red tones.

Either of these colors will work well in your home, but it’s important to consider how light will work on these shades.

wythe blue vs woodlawn blue paint colors infographic

Wythe Blue vs Woodlawn Blue Paint Colors

Wythe blue and Woodlawn blue colors wall art

Wythe Blue

Wythe Blue is the deeper of these two shades. Depending on where you want to use it and what other colors you enjoy working with, Wythe Blue would be a terrific choice for a bedroom or a family room.

wythe blue wall art color under lights

If you want to wind down in any space, you want a color that will fade to gray instead of going chalky in the darkness.

The sheen you choose will also have a large impact on how this color reacts in your home.

Because most of us spend the majority of our time at home in the space after dark, it’s a good idea to use either a flat or an eggshell paint in this shade.

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Take care not to pair this color with pure tones. Against a wine side chair or an oak desk, this color will hold onto the primary tint of green.

Your red-blend tones, particularly if you avoid strong cardinal red or fuchsia, will stand out beautifully against this shade.

However, if you use an unbalanced color, such as sunflower yellow or royal blue, Wythe Blue will likely turn muddy.

Try to light this with warm shades. Amber and yellow lights will bring out the green tones; white or blue light will cause it to lean closer to a hospital green.

Because Wythe Blue is a deeper shade of green-gray than Woodlawn Blue, do your best to avoid overhead lighting of this color.

The shadows will turn rather murky if you only have a single light in the middle of the ceiling.

wythe blue color infographic

Because this shade has so much red in it already, try to bring some brown into your decor. A warm brown suede sofa will bring out the green tone in this color.

If you love wooden furniture and trim, this color would be an ideal choice to tie together several wood tones.

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Take care to avoid putting a plain or bright white tone directly against this paint color. White tones often contain blue to make them a bit brighter and cleaner, but putting this color against blue may leave your freshly painted Wythe Blue walls looking a bit sooty.

For those who love simple window treatments, a focus on ivory would be a good choice. This is a rather old-fashioned shade.

The word wythe refers to a solid span of bricks in the construction trade. To that end, if you have a brick fireplace, putting this on the wall around it would bring out all the red tones in the bricks and work well with the gray tones in the mortar.

RGB: 173, 188, 179
Hex Code #: #ADBCB3

wythe blue color wall art above a desk

Woodlawn Blue

Woodlawn Blue is a slightly lighter, slightly cooler shade than Wythe Blue. Like Wythe Blue, it’s very well-balanced. The only real hazard when working with a balanced color is pairing it with an unbalanced color.

woodlawn blue color wall art under lights

Pine green will make this color look tired and a bit faded.

Instead, consider pairing this shade with a rich olive green or a deep rust tone.

By the numbers, the blue and green in this shade are very close together. This means that using any cool blue colors, such as sky blue or cerulean blue, will bring out the green in this tone.

If you pair it with cherry red, you’ll bring out the contrast and the color will read blue.

To avoid this problem, pair this shade with secondary colors, preferably in the warm spectrum. Peach or salmon would work with this shade, as would a dark teal.

Warm lighting will serve this better than white or blue light. However, if you like to use blue light in your office, this color will hold up better than Wythe Blue.

Just be aware that the wall color may gray down a bit with a strong blue light on it.

Because Woodlawn Blue is a bit brighter, it will tend to chalk as the day darkens. Consider putting this color in your office or in a playroom.

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You can also get this paint in a moisture-resistant semi-gloss and put it in a kitchen or bath.

woodlawn blue color infographic

Wood tones will work beautifully with this shade, though you’ll get the best results if you don’t overload the visual field with many different wood tones.

For example, if you put this on the walls in your kitchen and had oak cabinets, avoid putting in a maple butcher block.

Woodlawn Blue will not stand up to a lot of contrast. Too much strong color in the space will leave it rather tired and chalky. However, this is a shade that will pair beautifully with pale cream tones.

Do take care to avoid pairing this with bright white. Again, there’s enough blue in bright white that this color will pop green against it. Instead, focus on warm whites.

Benjamin Moore’s Linen White would pair beautifully with this color, providing just a bit of warmth to trim or cabinetry and letting the subtle green and blue of Woodlawn Blue hold its own.

Because both the green and the blue in this shade are so subtle, this is an ideal paint color for a bright room. If you have a sunny breakfast nook or a spot that suits plants especially well, put this color on the walls.

Next, fill the space with unbleached canvas tab drapes, a natural sisal rug, and sage baskets. If you can see the color on the beach during a slightly overcast day, the colors will coordinate well with Woodlawn Blue.

After dark, this color will go chalky rather than going gray. This means that if you allow any little bit of light in your bedroom or your family room, the walls themselves will serve as a reflective light source.

If you need a space to wind down before bed, it’s a good idea to avoid colors that will brighten the space. For those of us who really need a dark sleeping space, Woodlawn Blue is not the best paint color for the bedroom. Use Wythe Blue instead.

RGB: 193, 208, 202
Hex Code #: #C1D0CA

woodlawn blue color wall art above a desk

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