Best Paint Colors For A Large Room With Vaulted Ceiling

If you have a large room with a vaulted ceiling that requires a paint job, choosing the right color can be confusing and difficult. This article will discuss several paint colors for you to choose from making the decision easier.

Best Paint Colors For A Large Room With Vaulted Ceiling infographic

A spacious room with a vaulted ceiling can be a terrific backdrop for all your favorite things. Many of these rooms are also loaded with natural light.

If you’re painting the whole house, a simple neutral may be the easiest. If you’re just painting the great room, you can add a bit more color.

To keep things simple, consider painting the ceiling and walls the same color for consistent flow.

Best Paint Colors For A Large Room With Vaulted Ceiling

moonshine, ewing blue, brampton gray, soft shoe colors wall art

Silver Greige: Moonshine

Moonshine is a terrific color that will flow easily from wall to ceiling. It’s light enough to be a great background for an eclectic decorative style and warm enough to work with a lot of wood tones.

This color is very slightly to the warm side of beige. It will work well with deeply saturated furniture upholstery colors with a bit of warmth; it can also support a bold stripe, plaid or floral as long as the pattern includes other neutral colors.

moonshine color wall art

Do take care when choosing your trim color if your vaulted ceiling features beams or a box corner trim.

Lots of heavy lumber on a ceiling in a very tall room can be a striking visual, particularly if the lumber features a simple stain or other forms of finish.

Painting that trim in the same tone as the wall color with a slightly different sheen can add an elegant touch.

Moonshine will grow grayer as daylight fades. This color will also go gray in shadows. If you have beams on the ceiling, you can add striking architectural interest by lighting the room from a lower perspective.

Do consider adding fans to your great room. A single ceiling fan on a long down rod can move quite a bit of air; corner fans on small shelves can also be quite effective.

Do buy the best quality fan you can afford to avoid the wobble. On a long down rod, a wobbling ceiling fan can be a serious hazard.

RGB: 215, 214, 206
Hex Code #: D7D6CE

moonshine color wall art

Cool Balance: Ewing Blue

If your great room gets a lot of sunlight, Ewing Blue is a wonderful choice. This is a very balanced blue-green or cyan shade that will work with most any color you want to add to it.

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Pair this color with a plain white trim or a white-washed oak finish to keep things on the cool side.

This color will make it easy to use other pale tones in your space. For example, you can use ivory sheers on white-trimmed windows and this color will look wonderful.

You can add a gray sofa, a rose wingback chair, a dark green ottoman, and a maple rocker with a navy cushion and this color will still work!

ewing blue color wall art

If you’re not crazy about painting your walls the same color as your ceiling, you can pair this with a pale, creamy white ceiling; the cream can be repeated on your trim but do buy proper trim paint.

Do remember that this color will not easily fade into the background. If you have a lot of furniture that needs to stand against the wall, such as bookcases and pianos, give them some breathing space so your walls don’t look frightfully crowded.

Consider also investing in a long, low bookcase that can sit behind your sofa and leave wall space open.

Finally, this color will be wonderful with glossy green plants. Treat yourself to one large houseplant that will grow tall enough to fit in a tall space.

RGB: 208, 226, 224
Hex Code #: D0E2E0

ewing blue color wall art

Rich Green-Gray: Brampton Gray

If you love elegant, saturated colors, Brampton Gray is your choice. This is a gray that will hold its own against other saturated shades. Your burgundy sofa will be amazing against this color.

Black leather pieces will also really fit well in a room painted in this color.

Be very careful when using this color in a room with heavy trim. If your corners have a deep box beam or your entire ceiling is beamed and you don’t want to change the paint color or finish on those beams, decorate this room sparingly.

Place as little furniture as possible against the short walls. Beams create a visual stopping point that draw the eye in a long, clean sweep. If that visual sweep has to stumble over bookcases, tall cabinets, or even antiques, the room will look crowded and junky.

There is a bit of green in this gray and red tones will really sparkle against this shade. Because this gray is quite a bit more saturated than other colors on this listing, consider using this color in a room that you and your family will use after the sun goes down.

Do add pops of color in your smaller items. A red vase, orange cushion, or yellow throw will bring out the green in this gray and really pull the space together.

RGB: 155, 162, 157
Hex Code #: 9BA19E

brampton gray color wall art

Warm Light: Soft Shoe

In a bright, sunny room, Soft Shoe will create a lovely, restful feel. Keep everything light in a room this color. Sheer drapes, simple tab canvas curtains for sunblocking as needed, and legged furniture will be a wonderful addition in this space.

Check out retro sofas and chairs with plenty of clearance to create a sense of motion and openness.

soft shoe color wall art

This color would be wonderful against a pale maple floor or trim choice.

It’s not an ideal choice for a trim color but will work beautifully with a pale cream or plain white.

Avoid bright white trim; the blue in that blend will make this color read pink.

Soft Shoe will give your great room the feeling of a sunroom. Capitalize on that by adding plants that will grow tall. Hanging plants will also work beautifully against this color.

Finally, consider adding a hanging wicker chair to boost the feeling of airiness and light.

RGB: 232, 212, 199
Hex Code #: E9D5C7

soft shoe color wall art

Accent Walls: Color and Trim Considerations

I’ve talked a lot about trim considerations. A lot of rooms with vaulted ceilings have a box beam in the corner where the wall meets the ceiling. If you want to add an accent color to one wall, make sure your accent wall is the tallest wall if you have a sizable piece of trim.

Turning your short wall into an accent wall if the trim paint contrasts can create a rather squat look. Box beams add weight and heft; don’t shorten the feel of your large room by turning one wall choppy and squat.

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